How to Join

Anyone who wants to be a part of a amazing group! There are many roles on the ski team - not just of skiers. You can be an important part of our team, by serving as a, spotter (in the boat), sound personnel, announcer, stage actors, costume designers/seamstresses, or any of the other administrative postions on our team. Generally, people who want to ski can join the team! You don't have to be a great skier, but have to be willing to try new things, work together towards team goals, and be safe and have fun. There is an expectation that in order to ski in a ski show, you must be able to meet certain core competencies, such as being able to perform a two-ski dock start, participate in a flag act, or basic skiing act as designated by the show director. Our ski team has members that are more than willing to help you learn the basics so that you can quickly be incorporated into a show. See below for more SignUp inf0.

To Join you first will have to become an active member of USA Water Ski & Wake Sports. Fees vary according to single or family status. Click on SIGNUP below to become a active member.